Upgrade to WordPress 2.8.3

I think the pace at which WordPress.org releases WordPress upgrades is a little bit too fast. It is kinda good, because this tells us the people at WordPress are working on it all the time, but it does add some admin work for us bloggers. Even though upgrades are now a breeze thanks to the auto-upgrade feature, it is always advisable to take a backup before the upgrade. If you are maintaining multiple blogs, you just signed up for a good amount of admin work between taking backups and upgrading each blog. But hey, you wouldn’t have taken that backup otherwise, would you have? Makes you think of going to WordPress mu, but there may be more unknowns there. Haven’t tried that yet.

Exactly 2 weeks after the release of its 2.8.2 version, WordPress.org has released WordPress 2.8.3. This release has been termed as a “security release”, as some of the vulnerabilities of 2.8.1 were not fixed by 2.8.2. Ryan Boren advises:

Since this is a security release, upgrading is highly recommended.

So, if you are running your site on WordPress, go ahead and upgrade now. Don’t forget to backup your data. I am still looking for an easier way to take a backup. As I said in my last “upgrade” post, the easiest way I know to back up your WordPress blog is to go to Tools ยป Export in your dashboard. However, for bigger blogs, it creates an issue because while restoring your site, importing a file larger than 2 MB creates an error unless you change your php.ini file. I will write more about that soon.

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